Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering spans a broad range of disciplines. InSciTech focuses on the failure of electrical and electronic components, subsystems, and systems that result in equipment down time, failures, or fires. The investigation of electrical or electronic fires includes the determination of the root cause of the fire and the sequence of events that occurred during the course of the fire. InSciTech also has expertise in trade secrets and patents including inter parties’ reviews.

  • Fires of electrical or electronic origin
  • Electrical & Electronic Failures: Components, subsystems, and systems
  • Battery Technology & Quality
  • Semiconductor Device Technology: CMOS, DMOS, & Bipolar
  • Fabrication of integrated Circuits & Discrete Devices
  • Device Assembly & Packaging Technology
  • Power Semiconductor Devices
  • Printed Circuit Board Failures
  • ESD & EOS issues
  • Intellectual Property: Patents & Trade Secrets